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20 KW Wind Turbine

20 KW Wind Turbine SystemThe ReDriven 20 kw unit is our largest wind turbine system. The 20 kw boasts start up wind speeds of 3.5 mph (1.6 meters per second) and produces 20,000 watts per hour at approximately 21 mph (9.5 m/s).  The standard tower for the ReDriven 20 kw turbine is 59' (18m). Optional towers are available for all systems at 80', 100' and 120'. This unit is perfect for larger estates, farms, ranches, and light commercial uses. The ReDriven 20 kw is extremely quiet with the wind actually making more noise than the turbine. Due to our almost 20' (6m) blade size this turbine performs very well in lower wind speed areas. In fact many of our competitors do not even start producing power until 5 or 6 mph (2.3-2.8 m/s) wind speeds.

This turbine has the ability to supply the average North American home with sufficient power to virtually make your electricity bill disappear. ReDriven's non-tailed turbines use an electromechanical yaw system to direct the turbines into the wind as required. This system is standard on the 5kw, 10 kw and 20 kw systems.

Product Features:

  • Start up wind speed is 3.5mph
  • Rated wind speed (generate 20KW) is 22mph
  • Maximum power 20,000 watts \
  • 3 blades measuring 12 meters in diameter
  • Recommended tower height is 18 meters
  • 1256kg generator body weight
  • Decibel level at 7 meters is 67dbl


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